If Lok Sabha Elections In India Are Held Today Then What!

Lok Sabha election in India 2019

The next Lok Sabha elections in India are supposed to take place in the year 2019. In India, the parliament elections are held after every 5 years. Through this election, the people of India will elect 552 parliament members. The Prime Ministerial Candidate will then be chosen by the winning …

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Will BJP Get Majority in the Lok Sabha 2019 Elections?

BJP elections results

We have seen a massive BJP wave in the last 2014 Lok Sabha election. Now, the main question is that the BJP will able to continue this performance or the Grand Alliance will occupy the seats in the upcoming Lok Sabha election! The dates of Lok Sabha election are still …

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Lok Sabha Election 2014 Results Constituency Wise

Lok Sabha Election 2014 Results

Why was the 2014 general election results so important? The general election is a part of the constitutional process and takes place every five years to elect the new government of the country. In 2014, though, a lot more was at stake, in light of the following: The anti-incumbency wave …

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