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Is BJP Enough Prepared For next Lok Sabha Elections- An Analysis?


  Though Election commission of India has not yet announced 2019 lok sabha elections, they definitely gave a hint that the next Lok Sabha elections will be held in September 2019.  According to insiders, the Election Commissioner of India Om Prakash Rawat recently met Prime Minister Narendra Modi and told …

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7 Ultimate Powers Speaker Can Exert On Lok Sabha Members

Lok Sabha speaker

The parliamentary proceedings in the house of people are headed by a presiding officer who is called the speaker of Lok Sabha. He or she is there to ensure the smooth functioning of the house.  The responsibility of the Lok Sabha which is the lower house of the people in …

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Importance of the Lok Sabha in Our Democracy

Election Commission

Our country India is a Democratic country which follows a parliamentary form of democracy. In English, it’s called the house of the people or the House of Commons. This is because the Lok Sabha’s members are those who have been directly elected by the people, and they represent the common …

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Why Political Pundits Feel BJP Will Lose 2019 Elections?

BJP will lose 2019 elections

Though maximum people in India don’t expect Congress to win 2019 general Lok Sabha elections, but there are some political pundits in the country who have this belief that Congress can make a comeback and form a collation Government with small parties hence BJP will lose 2019 elections. These political …

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Who Will Be The Next Prime Minister Of India, Modi Or Rahul?

Rahul Gandhi is the best alternative to PM Modi

Though Congress declared Rahul Gandhi as its face for 2019 General Lok Sabha elections, many people in this country don’t expect him to become Prime Minister in 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Even some Congress leaders don’t seem in favor of the party decision to choose Rahul Gandhi to be the …

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Can Congress Win Lok Sabha Election- 2019 Election Predictions?

Congress Win Lok Sabha Election 2019

With just one and a half year left for the 17th Lok Sabha election, political pundits have started making 2019 election predictions. While as maximum Lok sabha election 2019 predictions are considering BJP as the clear favorites, there some Lok Sabha election 2019 predictions are going in the favor of …

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