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What 2019 Election Predictions Say About Next Lok Sabha Election?

The 17th general Lok Sabha elections in India are approaching near; political experts have started making 2019 election predictions, which party has more chances to win and the chances of which party look bleak in next Lok Sabha elections.   Most of the 2019 elections predictions made so far have gone in the favor of BJP.

2019 Election Predictions

The confident BJP seems strongly in favor of conducting Lok Sabha and Assembly elections simultaneously, the system that was prevalent in the country from 1947 since the day of independence to 1967.

Days before the election commission of India announced that it will hold the Next Lok Sabha elections in India in September 2018 and it will hold assembly elections simultaneously,  the ruling  Bharatiya Janta Party signaled to its chief Ministers to start preparing for the Next Lok Sabha elections.

The president of the party Amit Shah convened a meeting with all the Chief Ministers of the states where it is in power just to ensure that they are working on the schemes undertaken by it to empower the poor.

Though it was said BJP president convened the meeting with this agenda in consideration but insiders say the main focus of the meeting was to increase public contact as the General elections are approaching nearer after some 2019 elections predictions signaled out that Congress party is regaining its strength gradually, talking advantages of some decisions taken by BJP in its tenure so far.

Will Election Commission Of India Prepone Lok Sabha Election In India?

The Election Commission of India has a tough job ahead in 2019. It has to conduct assembly elections in eight states and 17th general Lok Sabha election in 2019, the preparations for which start before a year. The States where  Lok  Sabha elections are to be held in 2018 include Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Madhya  Pradesh and Mizoram while as the assembly elections in the remaining four states, according to EC decision will be held alongside general elections in 2019.

The Chief Election Commissioner of India, Om Prakash Rawat while briefing to media persons on October 5, 2017, said it has informed the Center what it has and what is needed for the Next General assembly elections.  He said that Election Commission of India has told the Center about electronic voting machines and other related things, it needs and the amount required conducting next general Lok Sabha elections.  The Citizens of India have been asked to apply for duplicate voter ID card online in case their card is lost or damaged.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi told a rally in Gujrat recently that by conducting the Assembly elections and Lok Sabha elections simultaneously, it will save both time and money and that money can be used for the welfare of poor.

On the other hand, the National Institution for Transforming India, (Niti ) Aayog recently circulated a paper which also signals out that the assembly polls in many states and the Lok Sabha elections will be held simultaneously in the second half of 2019.

Moreover, the election commission of India urged voters to apply for duplicate voter ID card online if they have lost the election card or it is in a damaged state.  The duplicate voter id card download process is explained point by point on its official website.  So For duplicate Voter ID card download, you have to visit the official site of EC and register for it.  Once you will apply for duplicate voter card online, the card will be delivered to your address.


If Different 2019 elections predictions are to be believed then BJP will again win the Lok Sabha elections in 2019 but this time victory will not be as easy as it was in 2014 Lok Sabha elections.  But recently one of a prominent political expert made a 2019 election prediction in favor of the Congress.  The expert said that for BJP, it is its own mistakes that will give Congress an advantage in the Next Lok Sabha elections in 2019.


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