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7 Ultimate Powers Speaker Can Exert On Lok Sabha Members

The parliamentary proceedings in the house of people are headed by a presiding officer who is called the speaker of Lok Sabha. He or she is there to ensure the smooth functioning of the house.  The responsibility of the Lok Sabha which is the lower house of the people in India comes entirely on his/ her shoulders.

Lok Sabha speaker

On the other hand, the role of the speaker of the higher house Rajya Sabah is carried out by the vice president of the country. The Lok Sabha speaker makes efforts to maintain peace and harmony in the house.

All the Lok Sabha members are duty bound to follow the instructions of the Lok Sabha speaker in the house. The Lok Sabha members who violate the norms and guidelines set by the Lok Sabha speaker in the house are liable to an action. And the decision in this regard is taken by the speaker itself.

He/she has got the full authority to suspend any of the Lok Sabha members from the house for a particular period of time. And it is the Lok Sabha speaker who has the right to bring the suspended Lok Sabha members back to the house.

  The Lok Sabha speaker can be thus called a true guardian of the Indian parliamentary democracy.

 Here are the seven powers reserved by the Lok Sabha speaker in India:

  1. The Lok Sabha speaker has got immense discretionary and administrative powers such as conducting the business of the house, ensuring decorum and discipline of the house.
  2. It is the speaker who has the authority to decide who should speak and for how much time.
  3. The Lok Sabha members ask questions directly to the speaker and he/she seeks the answer from the concerned ministers.
  4. If the Lok Sabha is witnessing a deadlock over some issue, the speaker has the right to use his power to resolve it. The speaker may initiate a voting procedure to resolve the deadlock but can’t vote in the first instance.
  5. The speaker can vote if the two sides receive an equal number of votes just to resolve the deadlock somehow.
  6. If the Lok Sabha members become unruly making it difficult for speaker to ensure the harmony and peace in the house, to deal with this tough situation, the Lok Sabha speaker has  got a right to adjourn the house or suspend the proceedings until the house don’t come back into order and the proceedings continue in a normal way.
  7. It is the Lok Sabha speaker who decides the agenda to be discussed at a meeting of the Lok Sabha members.


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