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Can Congress Win Lok Sabha Election- 2019 Election Predictions?

With just one and a half year left for the 17th Lok Sabha election, political pundits have started making 2019 election predictions. While as maximum Lok sabha election 2019 predictions are considering BJP as the clear favorites, there some Lok Sabha election 2019 predictions are going in the favor of Congress.

According to some 2019 election predictions made by political experts, the dip in the economic growth of the country, fall in GDP ratio, price rise and the growing insecurity among the minorities of the country are some reasons which may topple the boat of overconfident BJP in the Next Lok Sabha election.

Congress Win Lok Sabha Election 2019

But the revival will not be as easy for Congress as Saffron party is now controlling operations in 16 states.  It is easy for BJP to set foot in these states as the chances of ruling party always remain brighter than the one in the opposition. As it did in Punjab, the Congress has a chance to form collation Government in Kerala and Gujarat where assembly elections are scheduled towards the end of 2017.

The question that is baffling many minds in this country this time is what should be the strategy of the party for revival in order to regain its political presence nationally as well as locally.

Options political pundits suggest Congress for its revival in Next Election

According to some political Pundits, BJP has now limited time left to correct its mistakes it has made so far in its current tenure.  And its advantage will definitely go to Congress. The Congress can utilize this opportunity to increase its chances in the Next Lok Sabha election in India before EC announces Lok sabha election 2019 date.

The political pundits suggest Congress following options to deliberate upon to regain its lost popularity.

  1. We will start from Karnataka. Here Congress party has demonstrated repeatedly that it has got that ability to win closest battles. If Congress party will lose in Karnataka, it will be a self-brought defeat because no opposition in Karnataka is needed to defeat it in the State.
  2. It has been observed that, whenever Congress party was in power, it neglects the party organization. The party desperately needs a leader at the top who can inspire confidence among the party cadres and bring the party back in election mode. He or she needs to work in Tandem and provide visible proof of harmonious coordination.
  3. The Congress party needs to drop non-performing ministers and replace them with potential people on the basis of regional social interests and individuals political rehabilitation. But the track record of the minister should be the priority.

It will be hard but the chances stand for Congress to make a revival before the Lok sabha election 2019 date is announced by election commission. If the recent Lok sabha election prediction made by one of the most renowned political experts of this country is to be believed, then congress has definitely got a chance in the next Lok sabha election.


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