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Importance of the Lok Sabha in Our Democracy

Our country India is a Democratic country which follows a parliamentary form of democracy. In English, it’s called the house of the people or the House of Commons. This is because the Lok Sabha’s members are those who have been directly elected by the people, and they represent the common citizens. All the Member of Parliament India have the power to pass laws and affect new policies into play. This elected body of the lower house of the parliament consists of exactly 543 members who are known as MPs.

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Here are some Powers of the Lok Sabha which gives it Great Importance in our Democracy:

  • Legislative Powers:

One of the main powers of the Lok Sabha is its involvement and control over Lawmaking. These laws originate as bills in the house which is debated and voted upon. This then needs to be passed by the Rajya Sabha before it finally takes the Lok Sabha’s Approval. You can watch Lok Sabha live updates to keep a tally on what’s going on currently in the house. Because of the fact that Lok Sabha has more members than the Upper House, Rajya Sabha, it will always prevail in Joint Sittings.

  • Financial Powers:

The Financial power of the Lower house is unmatched by the Rajya Sabha. Money Bills can only be introduced by the lower house, and not by the Rajya Sabha. Added to that, the Rajya Sabha may disagree with a proposed money bill. However, they can only make suggestions and not stop it from being passes by the Lok Sabha. The Lok Sabha though, does have the option to include any changes suggested by the Rajya Sabha. This too can be followed by you simply by watching Lok Sabha live updates.

  • Executive Powers:

If you’ve seen the news reports during election day coverage, you’d know that the elected Party forms the Lok Sabha. The Government and ministers are accountable to the Lok Sabha and no other organ of the Parliament. If required, the Lok Sabha has the power to control the central government by holding discussions, debates, cut-motions and much more. This can be instrumental in keeping the Government in check and prevent any instances of inefficiency by exposing their mistakes and misdeeds.

  • Represents The Indian Population:

As mentioned earlier, the Lok Sabha is famously called the House of the Commons. This is because all the Member of Parliament India are representatives of the part of the country where they hail from. As such, these elected representatives have the platform of Lok Sabha to be able to put forward any grievances or issues they would like to bring into the light and tell to the other members and the government.

So you see, the Lok Sabha is one of the most important outcomes of the presence of Democracy in our country. We elect the members of Lok Sabha ourselves during elections, the party and candidates we think would be the best to help put forward our problems and give us solutions. So get your election card update done before the next election in 2019. Every person in India should exercise their right to vote and universal adult franchise.

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