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Importance Of Voter ID Card In India And Its Benefits For A Citizen

A voter id card in India is a very valuable document that plays its role in ensuring free and fair elections in the county.  It is the proof that you are the citizen of this country and have right to vote in elections.

Voter ID card

This card is issued to every Indian citizen above the age of 18 and mentally fit.  The 17th general Lok Sabah election in India will be held in 2019. The election commission of India has already issued a notification for such Indian citizens whose elections cards are damaged or they have lost them to apply for duplicate voter ID card.

They can apply for duplicate voter ID card online. The process for it is explained on the official website of the election commission of India. The voters after applying for it will be able to download voter ID card online within a maximum period of two weeks’ time.

Benefits Of Having A Voter Id Card In India

 Some of the benefits of having a voter id card in India are as follows:

  1. The primary benefit of issuing voter ID cards to citizens in India was to execute free and fair elections in India. Because during elections, the reports of rigging and political frauds have been reported multiple times by the political parties.
  2. Political parties would often allege that their opponents borrowed voters from other areas to vote in their favor. And many times their allegations termed out to be true after investigations by independent agencies. So the voter ID card system was introduced by Election Commission of India first time in 1993 to keep fake voters at bay from polling booths.
  3. The voter ID card in India is important for acquiring benefits of government schemes. You can’t apply for a ration card in India without voter ID card. It is a mandatory document in various other situations.
  4. You will need voter ID card to apply for travel documents like passport if you are traveling to some other country. Your voter id card shows all details about your residence.
  5. The voter ID card is required to demonstrate one’s legitimacy as a rehabilitator of another place if the person relocates to some other place within the territories of India.
  6. The voter ID card is extremely beneficial for women who marry outside their state. The voter ID card is necessary to avoid issues and to include her name in the new voter list.


The voter card is required as a proof to prove that the voter belongs to a particular constituency.  In case the name of the electorate is missing from the constituency voter list, the voter ID card will be the proof to prove your identity. Even if you have aadhaar card, pan card and driving license like documents but voter ID card is still required to demonstrate a person’s identification.  If your election card is in a damaged state or you have misplaced or lost it, file a complaint immediately and apply for a duplicate Voter ID card as soon as possible. Once EC office uploads your card on their website, you can then download election card online. Though next Bihar elections will be held after two three years, but you should keep your voter card ready for General Lok Sabha elections.

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