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Why Political Pundits Feel BJP Will Lose 2019 Elections?

Though maximum people in India don’t expect Congress to win 2019 general Lok Sabha elections, but there are some political pundits in the country who have this belief that Congress can make a comeback and form a collation Government with small parties hence BJP will lose 2019 elections.

These political pundits believe that the decisions like demonetization and GST were taken by BJP at the center have a made a common man suffer very much and it can backfire the party.

BJP will lose 2019 elections

According to these political pundits, the Congress is gradually gaining its foothold back in the states where its every Lok Sabha MP is working hard in constituencies where it lost assembly elections very badly and the reason in growing anti-incumbency and attacks on minorities.

According to political experts, Goods and Services Tax ‘GST’ has put common traders to extreme hardship. And among these traders, many belong to BJP who though don’t raise voice against the tax, but insiders say they are highly agitated because of this decision of Central Government.  Some common grievances these traders made include facing difficulties while logging in, migrating to GST network as there pan document validation, determining HSN code and the high tax rate of commodities. This according to political pundits will make BJP suffer electorally.

The Lok Sabha MP list of BJP may be big but the sharp decrease in the country’s GDP Growth from 7.9 in 2014 to 5.7 in 2017 has set the tongues wagging against BJP even in the states where it has its own Lok Sabha MP. The Center is facing flak because of the sharp decrease in the country’s GDP.

  Factors That Can Go Against BJP in 2019 General Lok Sabha Election

 Here are some factors that can cut down the size of the long Lok Sabha MP list of BJP in the next Lok Sabha elections in 2019, just take a look.

Sharp Dip in GDP

Although this sharp dip in GDP is blamed on decisions like GST and demonetization like steps, but the party is being targeted and asked questions about the benefits of these two major decisions to the people of this country.   According to political experts, the slowdown in the agricultural sector has a major role in the sudden dip in the GDP of the country.   Experts termed the current GDP rate as very disappointing as they were expecting it to touch 7 percent

Decreasing Economy

Before 2014 Lok Sabha elections, BJP painted a picture of an economic situation promising to people unprecedented growth in the economy of the nation. But the current picture of the economy of the county is a contrast to the promises made by BJP with the people of this country before 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

Failing To Fulfill Certain Promises

The election manifesto of BJP reads “When the NDA Government completed its tenure the baton was handed over to the incoming UPA Government with GDP growth nearing double-digit in 2004.

Skyrocketing Of Prices

But we are already in the fourth year of BJPs tenure, but the party has not fulfilled its promise of bringing inflation under control. The prices of commodities are skyrocketing in this country be it petroleum or food product. This has increased anger against the Narendra Modi Government and this is also a reason why political pundits believe bjp will lose 2019 elections.


If an applicant attains an age of 18 years on the first day of January of the year in which the Electoral role is revised, he or she needs to fill form voter application form 6 to register in voter list. And the family which shifts its residence outside the constituency also needs to fill voter application form 6 to register the names in the constituency where they are staying now.

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