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2019 Lok Shabha Elections Prediction Nitish Kumar’s Says About Modi Winning


2019 Lok Shabha Elections: Nitish Kumar’s Prediction Of Modi Winning 2019 Is Flawed These days I don’t watch news channels. Except for a few, all of them have surrendered their editorial autonomy to the government and instead of being the watchdog of the government, which is their primary duty, they …

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Latest addition to Rahul Gandhi goofs up again: Says there are 546 seats in Lok Sabha

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi has recently added another goof-up to his long list by misappropriating the number of setas in Lower House of the Parliament Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi while answering a question at UC Berkeley where he was giving a speech on ‘India at 70: Reflections on …

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