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2019 Lok Shabha Elections Prediction Nitish Kumar’s Says About Modi Winning


2019 Lok Shabha Elections: Nitish Kumar’s Prediction Of Modi Winning 2019 Is Flawed These days I don’t watch news channels. Except for a few, all of them have surrendered their editorial autonomy to the government and instead of being the watchdog of the government, which is their primary duty, they …

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2019 Lok Sabha Elections Predictions For Next PM: US Experts

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

This reports is created by US Experts: 2019 Lok Sabha Elections Predictions The Uttar Pradesh election results showed that the 2014 general elections were not an “aberration”. Same is the case with Punjab, Adam Ziegfeld, Assistant Professor of Political Science and International Affairs at the George Washington University said. Prime Minister …

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