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Which is The Most Trusted New Channel in India for Up-To-Date Election News?

The upcoming two years 2018 and 2019 will be election years in India. The Election commission of India sounded the poll bugle in Gujarat by announcing election dates on 25 October.

The assembly elections in Gujarat will be completed in two phases 9 and 14 December respectively. In 2018, the ECI is planning to conduct Assembly elections in at least four states. And in 2019, it will announce election dates for four more States.

Gujarat election dates

The ECI has conveyed its decision to Center that it is planning to announce assembly election dates for four states in 2019 alongside 17th General Lok Sabha elections.

The national TV channels and newspapers in India update you about new political development in the country around the election time.  From election news today to the Election Day results, they keep you updated with every bit of information related to the elections.

Nowadays news channels in India go live to show and tell us election news today, what is happening inside the polling booths across the country. On the day of counting, you are updated with the minute by minute latest Election Day results.

Significance of Trusted news sources for Election News Today

In today’s world, information has become as important as clothing and food. Gone are the days when we would rely entirely on the Government run media to know latest election news today.  Today we have hundreds of instantaneous sources of news available in the country.

On one hand, we have regional news channels to update us about the current news from our own area, on the other hand, we have national and international media channels to update us about the current situation in India and world respectively.

But the irony is that despite having so many leading news channels in the country, just a handful of them are considered as the trusted sources of news in the country. Most of the news channels in this country are believed to be carrying the agenda of political parties in this country and hence not considered trusted sources for election news today.

A latest BBC survey revealed that the fake news stories are affecting audiences like never before and unlike the past, the regional news stories are now creating more impact on the audience than the past.  The people turn to news sources with the intent to gain clarity on Election results today.

According to this BBC survey, about 83% of the viewers in India are concerned about fake news and the 70 percent television viewers in India say that ads published by untrusted media brands put them of a brand.  According to the BBC study entitled ‘The Value of News – and the Importance of Trust’, 72 percent viewers of Indian news channels are not able to distinguish between fake and true news.

According to this survey, in the era of internet, the Television is still the most popular platform for people who want to stay up-to-date with latest election news today and Election Day results.


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