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Who Will Be The Next Prime Minister Of India, Modi Or Rahul?

Though Congress declared Rahul Gandhi as its face for 2019 General Lok Sabha elections, many people in this country don’t expect him to become Prime Minister in 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Even some Congress leaders don’t seem in favor of the party decision to choose Rahul Gandhi to be the face of the party in India General elections 2019. They instead want his Sister Priyanka Gandhi to lead the party in 2019 Lok Sabha Elections.

Rahul Gandhi is the best alternative to PM Modi

A major question that is baffling the minds of people in India before 2019 Lok Sabha elections is who will be the next prime minister of India 2019. The majority of the people in this country are expecting Narendra Modi to become the Next Prime Minister of India unless some miracle happens for Congress and Rahul Gandhi gets a chance to lead 1 Billion  30 crore population of India.

 Does Rahul Gandhi Stand Any Chance To Become Next Prime Minister Of India?

If the 2019 predictions and insiders in the Congress are to be believed, Rahul Gandhi himself is not expecting to be the Next Prime Minister of India in 2019 instead he is eyeing 2024 elections.

In the recent past, Rahul Gandhi launched some serious attacks on BJP and its head Narendra Modi, the political experts don’t believe it is going to turn tables for Congress unless some miracles happen in the penultimate year before  2019 Lok Sabha elections.

Some political pundits say that Rahul Gandhi is not a natural politician and that is the reason why his efforts to grab his counterparts by collar often fail.

“Unlike his father Raju Gandhi, this man has not a politically able person. Though his father joined politics at a very young age of 36, he had those skills to come down heavily on his opponents in the house” said a Congress leader on the basis of anonymity.

This Congress leader further said that Rahul Gandhi’s progression in the years of his political career has been glacial. “He is already 46 but yet to hold a constitutional post, his father became prime minister of this country at the age of 41,” this speaks a lot about Rahul Gandhi’s political abilities.

In a way this Congress leader denied that Rahul has the stomach for the Top post like Prime Minister, so he should not be the face party for the Next Lok Sabha elections.

On the other hand, the recent surveys opinion polls conducted by National TV channels suggest that the popularity of Modi has decreased in 2017 but not to that extent that can make us call Good news for the Rahul Gandhi and his team.  He is still considered the most powerful candidate for the post of Prime Minister in India general elections 2019.


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