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Who Will Win Assembly Election: Gujarat Election Prediction 2017?

The Gujarat Assembly election which is set to start on December 9, 2017, will be a real litmus test for BJP particularly its leader Narendra Modi, the current Prime Minister of India.  Political pundits are terming Gujarat Assembly elections as the starter for the General Lok Sabha elections 2019. They believe that winning party in the state Assembly election in Gujarat will find the Upcoming General Lok Sabha elections as a cakewalk for it.

Gujarat Election Prediction 2017

“All the eyes are currently on Gujarat Assembly elections as it is considered the bastion of BJP. If BJP will lose the election in Gujarat, it will be a serious blow to its image. It may influence the voters in other States.  On the other hand, Congress doesn’t have too much to lose in Gujarat and if it wins a good number of seats in the Gujarat Assembly elections that will certainly increase its influence in the other states,” a political pundit said on the basis of anonymity.

BJP has one more advantage that it has got more Rajya Sabha members party wise in the state. While as Congress party has a very few Rajya Sabha members party wise in Gujarat.

The assembly elections in Gujarat as per the ECI notification will be held in two phases on December 9 and 14. The voting will be held for 182 constituencies with 89 going for voting in phase one and remaining 93 in phase 2 on December 14.   And the election results will be announced on December 18, on the day of counting.

Congress is playing GST card to turn election wave in its favor while as BJP ministers are targeting Rahul Gandhi humorously calling him an immature person not capable to rule yet.    BJP is facing many challenges in Gujarat currently and this is the reason why it appears flustered.

Though Congress president Rahul Gandhi is leaving no stone unturned to increase anti-incumbency factor in Gujarat against BJP but every single Gujarat election prediction 2017 made so far has placed BJP at the top.

The Gujarat traders who voted for Modi in 2014 general assembly elections seem upset with the GST decision of BJP as they are facing hardships.  This poses a very serious challenge to BJP in the State. And when Rahul Gandhi in his tweet called GST as the Gabbar Singh Tax, from the reaction of Gujarat traders, it seemed Rahul Gandhi gave voice to their frustration.  On the other hand Patels and OBCs pose another serious challenge to BJP who are fighting for reservations in the state.

Despite all these challenges, the political Pundits still don’t expect Congress to register a thumping win in Gujarat. In Gujarat, BJP party is in power from last 3 decades.

Time will tell the story, will Gujarat election prediction 2017 turn true or GST decision work against BJP and pose a challenging atmosphere for it in Gujarat. Will Modi will be able to prove his popularity on the home turf rising above anti-incumbency.  Whosoever wins assembly elections in Gujarat, but upcoming Lok Sabha elections 2019 will be this time a tough challenge for both.

On the other hand election Commission of India seems ready to conduct the next General Lok Sabha electionsin the country. Be it for issuing voter ID Card Jharkhand, Gujarat or Rajasthan, it has issues circular for all the citizens in the country to apply for voter ID cards.

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